About the Project

This project empowers young girls from the black community to explore Astronomy and Physics through music. Girls will create compositions from science data expressing their individuality while fostering critical thinking skills as they apply to their pieces.

Community Impact

Black women face several barriers in pursuing Astronomy and Physics, with young girls often straying from the field due to lack of exposure and relatability. This project works to bridge that gap by improving girls’ self‐perception in relation to their science identity.

Applications Now Closed

Thank you for interest in AstroBeats. Applications are now closed, please be sure to check back for music creations from the project!

Music Showcase

Please check out the music pieces created by girls from the AstroBeats Project!


  • This project was made possible by the Women and Girls in Astronomy program, supported by the Heising-Simons Foundation and the North American Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (NA ROAD).
  • A special thank you to website designer Ian Curran from Savas Labs